Makeup & Hair

makeup and hair | amanda english photography


Professional makeup and hair is not required, however it is highly recommended.  Because we shoot outside on-location, it’s important that your hair and makeup will withhold the test of the North Carolina weather.  Our makeup and hair artist will provide you with just what you are looking for!  Whether it’s a natural look, smokey eye or heavier glam look – it’s all up to you!  It’s important to understand that hair and makeup artist are the pros at what they do.  They will make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone, enough blush is added to show in camera and they will even place on false eyelashes to make your eyes “pop”!

As far as hair, our stylist will know how to make the perfect beachy waves, fish-tail braid, lose curl or even straightened.

Leave this job for the pros – you won’t be disappointed!